Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"Drink, Pee, Aviod IV"

Its been a bit since I last posted. Midterms took over my life for a couple weeks. 

I am happy to report that I have received my very FIRST donation!!! $10 from an old coworker of mine! I am so excited because this actually makes it real! Every little bit counts and I am thrilled with anything anyone can give. I have also received notice from a few family members that they plan on donating after pay day! So as of right now only $2990 left, and I have some great ideas for fundraising. 

Also my team is about to grow by a couple members. The daughters of Mrs. Sewell have decided to walk and join the team! I am so excited they will be with me on this journey in their mothers honor. 

Now onto the not so exciting news.. I was doing a training walk, well more of a 1.3 mile hike, up Stone Mountain the other day and stupidly forgot to take water along with me. By the time I hit the halfway point of the mountain my right leg began to lock up. I was in pain for a couple days and later learned it was due to dehydration. Lesson Learned... Drink water!!

I was looking through some pictures of past 3-day events and there was one that showed a sign that said "drink, pee, avoid IV" lol.. sounds funny, but its so true.

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