Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Appalled... up until my fifth grade school year, I had no idea what this word meant, or that it even was a word. Mrs. Sewell made this word famous to her students. When she said it though, it was more of a term of endearment. Towards the end of the school year and even years after it was like a badge of honor to make Mrs. Sewell say "Im appalled!". HAHA she said it in her southern debutaunt voice which drug out the end of the word in a way that just made you laugh!

Today Mrs. Sewell would have been "appalled" if she had seen my lack of motivation for class. Luckily for me we just had critques on our latest work which was making Polaroid image transfers and emulsion lifts. To those of you who think I just spoke in a diferrent language, it basically involves boiling the Polaroid until the image lifts off the paper backing and becomes this soft gelly which you can apply to anything. Its a pretty cool process. I used a multiple exposure shot that I had previously done for one of my lifts. It turned out pretty cool.  Below is the initial shot.

As far as training is concerned... I wasnt concerned with it today! lol I felt more like studying the back of my eyelids for a couple hours. Maybe tomorrow.

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