Saturday, March 13, 2010

Money Changes Everything

Well I think I have found a place to host a fundraising event at. There is a Restaurant in Buford, Ga called Beef O' Brady's and they have agreed to allow me to advertise an evening where 10% of all sales will go towards my walk! They are also going to let me set up a table out front and maybe even guest bartend! Im pretty excited about this! It should be a good way to get some money coming in for this cause!

I am also happy to say that I got another donation! It couldnt have come at a better time because this has been the week from Hell!

I know I shouldnt say that because there are men and women who are fighting for their lives against Breast Cancer and who could probably honestly say that they feel like they are going through hell and back. But this has been a rough week. Example... Finals are coming up, and I had a major photoshoot on Tuesday. The night before my Hair stylist bailed on me for no reason, and then the morning of the shoot, 30 minutes before we were supposed to be getting started, my makeup artist bailed!! Now I am not a hair stylist or a make up artist by any means. I am a photographer.. Thats out of my area of knowledge, but I think I was able to pull of something pretty cool nontheless! Also my harddrive crashed.. I was able to save some of the data on it (which was originally 700gb of photos from the last couple years) but I had to spend $300 that i didnt have to do so. Iwould much rather that money go towards BC research, but what can you do? I know some of you may say "well why didnt you back everything up?" well.. that WAS my backup..

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"Drink, Pee, Aviod IV"

Its been a bit since I last posted. Midterms took over my life for a couple weeks. 

I am happy to report that I have received my very FIRST donation!!! $10 from an old coworker of mine! I am so excited because this actually makes it real! Every little bit counts and I am thrilled with anything anyone can give. I have also received notice from a few family members that they plan on donating after pay day! So as of right now only $2990 left, and I have some great ideas for fundraising. 

Also my team is about to grow by a couple members. The daughters of Mrs. Sewell have decided to walk and join the team! I am so excited they will be with me on this journey in their mothers honor. 

Now onto the not so exciting news.. I was doing a training walk, well more of a 1.3 mile hike, up Stone Mountain the other day and stupidly forgot to take water along with me. By the time I hit the halfway point of the mountain my right leg began to lock up. I was in pain for a couple days and later learned it was due to dehydration. Lesson Learned... Drink water!!

I was looking through some pictures of past 3-day events and there was one that showed a sign that said "drink, pee, avoid IV" lol.. sounds funny, but its so true.